Voices of Purpose

[Music playing]
So specifically my purpose or purpose in life?
What’s my purpose?
That’s a good question.
That’s a hard one. [Laughter]

My purpose is to make music accessible to all people.
My purpose is to find the strength in myself so that I can help find the strength in themselves.
As an educator, my purpose is to inspire people
As a pharmacist, I’m going to help others in need. And that’s my purpose.
My purpose as an athlete is to be the best Pacific Tiger I can be.
My purpose is to stir things up.
[Man looks up, muttering in audibly.]
[Woman shrugs.] This is harder than I thought.
My purpose is to gain the tools necessary to be a catalyst for change.
To stretch my student athlete’s human potential on and off the courts.
To be the best advocate I can be for farm worker families.
To set students on the path to social justice.
To help others become leaders.
To help children find their passion to learn.
To help students understand that economics is about behavior. It’s about the way the world works.
[Woman speaking Spanish, captioned in English]
Not only teaching students, but also helping to guide them to meaningful careers.
To help students achieve that “A-ha!” moment.
To help those who may not be able to help themselves.
To give back through music.
To educate the next generation of business leaders—to think not only about profits, but society, as well.
Such a deep question, “What is your purpose?”
[Woman speaking Farsi, captioned in English]
To improve people’s dental health and help them feel better about their smile.
To win a national championship for the University of the Pacific.
As a hearing-impaired individual, my purpose in life is to help those with hearing challenges.
To bring the law to life for my students.
To help children grow and manifest their dreams.
To inspire change in others.
To connect with people through the power of film.
To open doors for students with disabilities.
I really love helping people find their passions.
My purpose is to help my students find their voice.
My purpose—okay. I’m ready.