Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy

Contemporary facilities prepare our graduates to be leaders in their professions. The School has a tradition of providing innovative and state-of-the-art facilities that enhance student engagement and learning.

Susan Webster

Senior Director of Development

Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy


Susan has great pride in Pacific’s pharmacy students and is delighted to work with alumni and donors to create scholarships, network, fund research, and support important programming at the School. Her two sons, Matt and Chris, are current Pacific students—thanks in part to Susan’s stories of faculty and alumni success stories at the dinner table.

Our campus is more than a collection of classrooms and offices, it is a place for building community and developing leadership skills. These spaces provide a place where students can study, organize community health care clinics and network with peers and industry leaders.

Unique partnerships will be developed to enhance opportunities for students and faculty to strengthen academic programs, provide experiential opportunities, and conduct professional program student research. An emphasis on efficient resource utilization, recognition of exceptional achievements, and a collaborative atmosphere will be developed to enhance and expand the visibility of our programs.

The School seeks $3.5M to enhance space for reduced professional-to-student ratios, including renovation of existing classrooms and repurposed/renovated offices. In addition, the School will be upgrading the Health Sciences Library and educational resources to meet the needs of current and future students.


Thomas J. Long School of Pharmacy