Student Life
Career Development

An important requirement to obtain a full-time position for many college graduates is some type of work experience prior to graduation.  The Career Resource Team at Pacific is dedicated to finding the best opportunities for our students.

Advancing career outcomes is a core component of the Student Success vision for the University of the Pacific.

We believe that by focusing on the decision-making, self-efficacy and discovery, and pre-professional education, we afford students unprecedented opportunities to put emerging knowledge and skills sets “into action” throughout their academic careers and once they enter the workforce.

We do this by providing a series of internship experiences, alumni engagements, and several multi-location career exploration initiatives throughout our students’ academic careers. While many degree programs offer co-op or paid internship experiences for their students, there are many that do not, particularly in the liberal arts.  Adding to this dilemma is that while many students desire to gain work experience at the many needy non-profit organizations in the area, these are almost always unpaid. As a result, Pacific students who need to earn extra income to pay for college or help support their families are unable to participate leaving them at a career disadvantage.



Student Life