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SoECS is dedicated to creating the very best academic programs that prepare our students to be leaders in technological innovation.

Louis Ponick

Assistant Dean for Development

School of Engineering and Computer Science


Louis works with individuals who have a philanthropic interest in ensuring that the School of Engineering and Computer Science provides students with the best experience and preparation possible for their careers. He has nearly 20 years of nonprofit management and fundraising experience in both local grass roots, and international organizations. Louis is a devoted husband and father of two and his interests include sustainability practices and conservation. His favorite things about working at Pacific are interacting with the talented students coming through the SOECS and other disciplines, and hearing the fond memories that alumni have of their time at Pacific.

Diversity & Inclusion Community Programming

Spearhead a number of initiatives to support our diverse student body, such as increasing student enrichment opportunities, sending students to conferences, expanding student services, and more.

Endowed Professor of Data Science

Endow a data science professorship, ensuring the ongoing relevance of this in-demand major in a burgeoning field that spans computer science, mathematics, visual story-telling, and more.

Technology and Innovation Entrepreneurship (TIE) Program

The TIE program is committed to providing engineering students with business acumen and the preparation required to take an idea to commercial reality. Entrepreneurial technologists are literally shaping the future each of us will experience. The field of engineering and computer science is burgeoning with opportunities for students to engage meaningful careers that will serve every sector of our global community.

In an effort to ensure that each of these young tech entrepreneurs is given access to the most relevant learning experiences available the TIE program is seeking $500K in private and corporate funding to launch the TIE Tiger Tech Competition. This competition will leverage the resources of Pacific’s design studio, faculty and industry advisors to design, development and test the innovative ideas of students. Qualifying students will then test the marketability of their product in an inspiring and learning rich environment of real world competition. Similar to ABC’s celebrated “Shark Tank” production, students engaging the Tiger Tech Competition will be given opportunities to pitch their newly developed products and services to tech and business executives to compete for seed funding for their ideas.


School of Engineering and Computer Science