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Water Law

McGeorge is the only law school in the country to offer LLM and JSD degrees in water law. By creating an online program, McGeorge can answer the rising global interest in these degrees.

Mindy Danovaro

Senior Assistant Dean

Pacific McGeorge School of Law


Mindy is responsible for fundraising in support of scholarships, experiential learning, endowments, academic and programmatic needs of the law school. Her background includes fundraising for a variety of industries ranging from healthcare and emergency medical services to the arts. She received her B.A. in Fine Art from UCLA and her M.A in Communications from New York Institute of Technology.

Sally Pereira

Director of Development

Pacific McGeorge School of Law


Sally is responsible for fund development and managing endowments and scholarships at McGeorge. She has served over 20 years on the McGeorge Development and Alumni Relations team and three years leading the University’s Annual Giving team. Previously, she worked in Development and Alumni Relations at Christian Brothers High School and at Price Waterhouse. She received her B.S. in Business Administration from California State University, Sacramento.

The University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law has developed the preeminent water law program in the world, most recent evidenced by the awarding of the 2017 Stockholm Water Prize to Distinguished Professor Stephen McCaffrey. The foundation that awarded this $150,000 honor to Professor McCaffrey characterized him as the single most significant international water law expert in the world, and, in fact, he is the only lawyer on whom this prize has ever been bestowed.

Moreover, McGeorge is the only law school in the country to offer LLM and JSD degrees (advanced law degrees that have global credibility) in water law. While Professor McCaffrey’s and McGeorge’s preeminence in the field has generated a rising global interest in these degrees, the ability to relocate to Sacramento to obtain them has created a significant barrier for many quality students. The opportunity and obligation, therefore, are clear: Create an online program that will make these preeminent programs available to a global constituency.


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