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Experiential Learning & Community Collaboration

Our students help meet the significant community needs while building skills and obtaining experiential learning through the McGeorge Legal Clinics.

Mindy Danovaro

Senior Assistant Dean

Pacific McGeorge School of Law


Mindy is responsible for fundraising in support of scholarships, experiential learning, endowments, academic and programmatic needs of the law school. Her background includes fundraising for a variety of industries ranging from healthcare and emergency medical services to the arts. She received her B.A. in Fine Art from UCLA and her M.A in Communications from New York Institute of Technology.

Sally Pereira

Director of Development

Pacific McGeorge School of Law


Sally is responsible for fund development and managing endowments and scholarships at McGeorge. She has served over 20 years on the McGeorge Development and Alumni Relations team and three years leading the University’s Annual Giving team. Previously, she worked in Development and Alumni Relations at Christian Brothers High School and at Price Waterhouse. She received her B.S. in Business Administration from California State University, Sacramento.

University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law faculty, students and staff are shaped by the diverse characteristics and unique needs of the community in which the law school sits.

Our students help meet the significant community needs while building skills and obtaining experiential learning through the McGeorge Legal Clinics, including our Immigration Law Clinic, our Elder and Health Law Clinic, our Bankruptcy Clinic, our Federal Defender Clinic, our Prisoner Civil Rights Mediation Clinic, our Small Business Legal Clinic, and our Legislative and Public Policy Clinic.

McGeorge’s Legal Clinics both enhance student learning and help community members navigate difficult legal challenges. These innovative programs provide students a learning environment that promotes real-world education and instills the value of service. Many of our graduates refer to their Clinic experience as the best course they took in law school. McGeorge is one of the few law schools to offer both day and evening students the opportunity to participate in a clinical course; the new clinics would also include evening clinical opportunities. Your gift to one or more of our clinics will ensure McGeorge students are able to continue to learn essential lawyering skills under the tutelage of experienced attorneys.

  • McGeorge Business Innovation Legal Clinic: Small businesses provide roughly half of all private-sector jobs, making their success critical for California. However, small businesses, particularly new ones, face a range of challenges, and navigating the legal issues can be especially daunting. Small businesses should not fail simply because they aren’t able to access the legal help they need. The McGeorge Business Innovation Legal Clinic will provide free business law legal services to small businesses, innovators, and non-profit organizations that cannot afford to pay for the legal services they need to make their businesses a success. The law school would need a gift of $1,500,000-$2,000,000 to serve as seed funding launch the clinic. This funding will allow the law school to hire a business law expert as a clinician and an administrative assistant on five-year terms and otherwise fund the set-up of the clinic.
  • McGeorge Small Town Practice Incubator: Developing a small town practice incubator to help alleviate the acute shortage of lawyers in small towns in the San Joaquin Valley and California’s North Coast and Northeastern areas is critical to the success of the state. While these areas will be the primary beneficiaries of this initiative, the practices that will be developed, refined, and applied will serve as national models and be scalable to small towns across America.
  • Annual McGeorge Legal Hackathon: McGeorge will be hosting an annual legal hack-a-thon competition, a two-day event that brings together computer programmers, software developers, and others in related fields work with lawyers and law students to brainstorm about and conceptualize new software applications for the legal industry. The School’s location provides access to a wealth of talent in the tech industry to judge the competition and to develop the most promising ideas.

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