Benerd College
Educators Impact Fund

Experiential learning involves exposure to spaces where theories are developed and research is refined. The Educator’s Impact Fund was established to support the success of Benerd students in initiatives that provide rich field experiences, embed them in professional learning communities and provide them with high-quality mentorship and guidance with the ultimate goal of enhancing the Benerd presence in local PK-12 schools and the community.

Innovation and Project Grants

Most of our students are working professionals who work in education and other social sectors. Our students conduct real-world, practice-based inquiry throughout their programs. We would like to fund project, inquiry, and research grants to help support students in that work. These small grants would help fund specialized software packages, supplies needed for working with local partners, and other research and inquiry needs. We believe that these small grants will reduce the time to degree and provide other supports for students conducting meaningful, real-world inquiry.

Professional Development and Global Networking

The cost of research conferences, professional development and studying abroad can be prohibitive, particularly for nontraditional students like many in Benerd College. Attending conferences such as the American Educational Research Association (AERA) and the American Evaluation Association (AEA) allows students to take part in conversations about research that is informing policy and practice. The Educator’s Impact Fund will also sponsor students’ participation in innovative workshops such as at Stanford’s d.School. These workshops will build students’ capacity to engage in problem solving techniques used by the world’s most innovative organizations.


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