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Scholarships ensure that generations of students to come will have the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Judy Nagai

Associate Vice President


Conservatory of Music

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Judy is responsible for oversight of the college and school-based major giving program on the Stockton campus. Having spent more than 20 years working in higher education, her purpose is to increase access to higher education through philanthropy. Judy holds a BS from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, M.Ed. in Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration from the University of Vermont and Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Scholarships are an important tool in recruiting and retaining meritorious students who will go on to play roles in business, accounting, finance and many other professions. The role of scholarships in ensuring Eberhardt students have the best and highest opportunity for success, cannot be overstated.

Merit Scholarships

The Eberhardt School is fortunate to attract a large number of applicants each year yet its yield rate of the highest-achieving students is lower than that of its peers. Merit scholarships will make possible increasing the diversity of the student body and yielding a higher quotient of high-achievers. In this way, the Eberhardt School will greatly enhance its ability to serve current and future workforce demands. The more the Eberhardt School is able to accomplish this goal, the more its reputation will grow.

Transfer Student Scholarships

Non-traditional students from California community colleges (San Joaquin Delta College, for example, is one of the primary feeder schools) are often the most motivated and mature students, and the most competitive students in employer interviews. Yet, many of these qualified students think of Pacific as well-beyond their financial reach. Scholarships for deserving regional transfer students would make an Eberhardt School education more accessible and affordable, empower hard-working strivers, support the region’s economic development of its labor force, and position the Eberhardt School in the minds of ascendant populations as an engine of upward mobility.

First-Generation Scholarships

Nearly one-third of entering freshman to the Eberhardt School are first-generation students. Typically, many of these students have worked while in high school yet have great potential and drive for success. They represent the “American Dream” in waiting. They also view Pacific as their first choice in a quality private school in order to ensure their gateway towards prosperity for themselves and their families. Scholarships for new and continuing first-generation students would make an Eberhardt School education more accessible and affordable.


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