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and building the knowledge required to seize it.

The broad scope of a liberal arts degree instills in graduates curiosity and confidence, guides them to become independent thinkers, bequeaths them with superior communication and quantitative skills, and makes them skeptics of received wisdom that hasn’t been tested, all of which prepares them to weather the vagaries of the modern world.

In this comprehensive campaign, Leading with Purpose, the College of the Pacific aims to increase our support for student-centered learning experiences that will help our students graduate with a sense of vocation, whether it be in advanced study or prepared for that first job, one they are suited for, passionate about, and qualified to enter.

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The founding school of the University, College of the Pacific (1851) educates all students by combining a rigorous liberal arts curriculum with opportunities to develop engaging partnerships in business, education, engineering, health sciences, law, and music. Supported by faculty committed to personalized education, the College champions experiential learning through undergraduate research and creative activity, fieldwork, internships, and study abroad. College of the Pacific challenges students and faculty to cultivate and exercise intellectual curiosity and conviction in the pursuits of meaningful personal and professional lives.

Almost 80% of current College of the Pacific undergraduates are exposed to some form of experiential learning experience.

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Janice Bross

Janice Bross

Senior Assistant Dean for Development

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