Leading with purpose

Our Lasting Impact

This $300 million campaign, launched publicly in October 2017, and closed June 2022 was an ambitious initiative to imagine and support the pivotal moments that shape a lifetime. It was guided by four principal priorities.

Our Priorities

Academic programs of excellence and relevance

$120 million

Pacific proactively adapts along with our landscape. Creating the very best academic programs for the needs of future citizen-leaders requires a combination of foresight, agility and a strong sense of civic purpose. Your support will enhance key academic programs and boost Pacific students’ preparedness to lead in health care, law and other fast-changing fields.

Student access and success

$100 million

To say Pacific is student-centered is a vast understatement: our students are the essence of everything we do. This campaign enables students of all backgrounds to get the education — and educators — they need to thrive academically, professionally and personally.

Building communities

$50 million

A Pacific education is community-minded. Our students, faculty and staff prove every day that social and economic challenges can be answered when people are willing to listen to one another and work together. The Pacific ethos of service reverberates throughout our three-city campus and Northern California, and extends around the world.

Athletic achievement

$30 million

Achievement in athletics and academics go hand in hand here. This campaign will provide our scholar-athletes with the resources they need to be successful in the classroom and in competition, exemplifying our university’s values of performance, integrity and teamwork.

Raised to Date
Campaign Goal

Campaign Cabinet

  • Tony Chan ’77 PHS, Co-chair
  • Virginia Chan ’77 PHS, Co-chair
  • Dea Berberian
  • Ron Berberian ’65 BUS
  • Charles Berolzheimer
  • Mary-Elizabeth Eberhardt ’76 COP
  • Armando Flores ’71 COP
  • Kevin Huber ’86 BUS
  • Kathy Janssen ’68 EDU
  • Gary Mitchell
  • Fred Nelson
  • Christopher Callahan, ex officio
  • Burnie Atterbury, ex officio

Honorary Campaign Cabinet

  • Gary Bechtel ’74 COP
  • Don DeRosa, President Emeritus
  • Karen DeRosa
  • Arthur Dugoni ’48 DEN
  • Mimi Eberhardt
  • Calla Guild ’50 COP
  • Ralph Guild ’50 COP
  • Ross de Lipkau ’72 LAW
  • Larry Meredith
  • Patricia Meredith ’77 EDU
  • Walter Robb
  • Alex Vereschagin ’57 BUS
  • Eve Zimmerman ’84 COP