A Lifetime of Purpose

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CREATING: Kori Jones

Growing up in Stockton, I always wanted to go to the University of the Pacific. My mom was adamant that my brother go to college, but I knew she wouldn’t be able to help us financially. I found out about the community involvement program when they visited my school. When I got the notification saying I was in, I was ecstatic. With CIP, a scholarship covers my Pacific education and I get to be a leader in the Stockton community.

I believe there are two things that we’re made to do on this planet: love and create. That’s why I co-founded the “Chase Your Dreams” mentoring program. And now it’s grown to eight CIP students who serve thirty seventh and eighth grade student each year. It’s become this beautiful thing. These students now feel that college is obtainable. Someday I hope to create my own school and help build kids’ confidence and make them into better students—like Pacific did for me.

GIVING: Tony and Virginia Chan

(Tony Chan) We met in my graduation from the pharmacy school in 1977. I was Chan and she was Chang. So thanks to the alphabet and the fact that we chose Pacific, our paths changed forever. When we were leaving graduation, my mother said, “Son, maybe one day when you become able, you can give back to the school what you were able to take from it.”

(Virginia Chan) So we did. And as our business and family grew, so did our commitment.

(Tony Chan) Today, thirteen members of our family are proud graduates of Pacific.

(Virginia Chan) And Pacific has become part of our family. We give back to this place that nurtured us and gave us the opportunity to build our American Dream here in California.

(Tony Chan) It is an honor to be the co-chairs of this campaign four decades after our Pacific story began. We believe that together the entire Pacific family can truly make a difference in the next generation’s life.

(Virginia Chan) We can’t wait to see where the next 40 years takes us.

SERVING: Kyle Owens

I chose law because I really want to be an example for my children. And on a more global scale, I want to make a difference in the world. I knew I belonged here right away.

This is a really collaborative place where it’s easy to make connections, not only with other students, but with professors, too. Professor Telfeyan is that professor for me. He’s a big reason why I have a clerkship lined up after I graduate. And through Moot Court, he’s taught me so much about resilience and what law will be like when I begin to practice.

No victory is guaranteed and every failure contains a lesson, but I’m learning to strive for perfection—even if it’s unobtainable because I know it helps further the purpose I’m pursuing. That’s what I’m going to take with me into my career.

CONNECTING: Dianne Philibosian

Pacific has always been—and always will be—about the people. We found out places at Pacific. We were validated and guided in how to go forward in life. It’s where connecting with people as individuals was modeled for me. And that’s proven to be one of the most important lessons of my life.

I think Bob and Jeanette Powell knew that. They knew their gift would be well stewarded because they had faith in the kind of place it is and the kind of people who go there, who teach there.

And these connections never stop being rewarding. I stayed in touch with theater department head, DeMarqus Brown, right up until he passed at 99 years old. I based my own teaching on his, and on the teaching of Dr. Dewey Chambers in the School of Education, as well. They really opened up the world to me and other students they mentored.

There was nothing we couldn’t do. That’s really the thing about Pacific: We’re seen for who we are. We’re valued.

And what’s so gratifying is, as we move into the future, that aspect will remain. Forever.

INSPIRING: Juan Ramirez

I interviewed at a lot of dental schools, but University of the Pacific was a game-changer. We’re really like family here. I’ve been close with Dr. Andrews since the day I interviewed. Dr. Anderson is the one I go to every time I have a a question. It could be clinical. It could be personal advice. She’s always there for me.

I came up with the idea of the La Dentista Club, and Dr. Andrews encouraged me to go for it so now we get students at Dugoni (School of Dentistry) together during their lunch hour and work on their conversational Spanish because a significant number of our clinic patients are Hispanic.

I love all the outreach we do at Pacific. Helping people who really need it means a lot to me. It’s why I fell in love with dentistry. Being a role model to first generation students, students of color—it’s important to me. I want people who are younger than me to say, “If he can do it, I can do it.”

My purpose is to lead by example and motivate people. Pacific is the perfect place to do it.

TRANSFORMING: Pamela A. Eibeck

We help students transform their lives. That’s why I’m so proud to be president of University of the Pacific. In Stockton, in Sacramento, in San Francisco—every day we create defining moments that help students discover their sense of purpose.

Our shared history is built on these moments, and it’s our legacy to pay forward to new generations with generous investments of time and resources. That’s why we’ve launched the largest fundraising campaign in our history. We call it “Leading with Purpose” and it’s already making a difference in the lives of our students.

I want to make sure that Pacific is always strong, always a source of defining moments for young people. And I know you want that, too. So let’s make this campaign our defining moment because together, leading with purpose, the future is bright with possibilities. Thank you.